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At 10:00 AM on Sunday Jan 23rd at the VCU office on the second floor of the Latino Mall in West Valley, the drawing contest for Vietnamese children organized by the Vietnamese Community of Utah began with the participation of 21 contestants.
Theme for this year contest was “Your dream in the New Spring”
All contestants were given a free T-shirt with theme logo designed and printed by Mai Phuong at her resident.
The VCU provided paper and drawing supplies, Susie Man treated them with her homemade cookies for refreshments.
The contest was carefully and perfectly planned after 2 years of learning experience.
The children excitedly started, blank pieces of paper slowly transformed into different dreams of future, many want to be artists themselves, others described their dreams by different images of professions, some cleverly used the Cat to symbolize the New Year, and their  wisdom for dreams and goals of a bright  future.
Each drawing was a masterpiece in it’s own way that showed their creativities and ambitions.
There were 26 contestants who registered this year compare to 19 of last year.
Judges for this contest include Artist Dom (of the VCU), Mr Dinh Trang, Ms Ngoc Nha (Hue college of Arts), Mr Chinh Pham (Architect), Mr Hung Bui (Engineer & Web Design).
Result will be announced during the TET celebration organized by the VCU on Sunday Feb 6th at North West Middle School, 1700 North Redwood Road, SLC 84116.

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