The Table Tennis Tournament 2011

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            The Table Tennis Tournament 2011 held by The Vietnamese Community of Utah kicked off a sensational start on Sunday, January 24, 2011 at 11 am. Many players were excited to come early in order to know how many people registered for the tournament and which group they belonged to. Some regretted that they did not come because they had unexpected events occurring to their families or themselves; however, they were happy to ask their representatives to draw their names.

            The total of 16 players is randomly picked and placed into two groups. The players from each group have an opportunity to play one to another in order to obtain the best record. The top four players from each group move on the second round. Again, eight of them are drawn randomly into two groups from which the best four players (two from each group) proceed to the final round. It will be held at Northwest Middle School (1700 N. Redwood Rd., SLC, UT 84116) where Vietnamese Lunar New Year 2011 is celebrated. For the best finisher, the runner up and the third finisher, each will be awarded with a trophy, cash prize and certificate sponsored by Hữa Trần, The Chairman of The Vietnamese Community of Utah, term 2010 – 2012.

            The games began after they all pleased to know who their opponents were. Spectaculars and players were so enthusiastic to cheer with explosive claps, friendly laughs and sincere compliments on both sides: a wining or losing ball. All the players showed a strong support for the games and each other. They are encouraging and tipping on each other’s techniques for improvement. Adam Sao Nguyễn (and other players) showed up early and helped to set up the table and stage for the tournament. Hậu Lâm said Diana Phùng was the youngest and fastest augmenting player. Thành Tân was one of the most inspirational players. He drove through the night from California to attend the tournament at home (in Utah) this morning. The players also shared stories of how they improved their own games. The first day of the tournament was ended around 3:00 pm.

            All the players went home with big contented smiles on their faces and some sense of achievements in their spirits because they had competed their very best today. They all said that they were thrilled to participate in the tournament. Playing table tennis is to support their sport spirits and to stay in shapes and well-beings. The players were delighted to know that they would come back to finish the elimination rounds next Sunday, January 30, 2011 at 11 am.


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